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For Parents

For Parents

Unsure of how to talk to your kids about sex?

Okay, let’s be honest, sex is a tough topic to bring up with your kids, but it’s not the only tough thing to bring up with your kids what about love, healthy relationships, and… okay, we’ll say it again, sex. 

Hands of Hope Tucson wants to make sure that every parent feels confidently empowered to have difficult conversations with their kids, without the awkwardness. 


These are a series to help empower and equip YOU as a parent to talk to your kids throughout the week. You will receive an email each week that will provide you with a video, helpful resources, conversation starters, and encouragement on topics about sex, love, relationships, life, love, and so many more important topics that you can use throughout the week with your kids. Subscribe and Why Wait… start having those consistent conversations with your kids that will create connections today!