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What kind of pregnancy test is most reliable?

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In the moment that a woman is sitting on her bathroom floor, pregnancy test in one hand, a timer set for three minutes in the other, there are a thousand questions running through her mind. Did I take the test too soon? Is this test reliable? How common is a false negative? I can only afford one test, what if it comes back inconclusive?

When a woman takes a pregnancy test, she needs to know that she is getting her results from a trustworthy source. So, let’s talk about how to know if a pregnancy test is reliable.

Hands of Hope Tucson offers medical grade pregnancy testing at no cost. While an at home test may cost up to $20 and carries the risk of a false or inconclusive result, testing for pregnancy at your local pregnancy center is free and yields accurate results. Many centers, including Hands of Hope Tucson, also offer STI testing and ultrasounds depending on the results of a client’s pregnancy test.

Most women feel anxious when they take a pregnancy test. The process of testing is not any easier if she sits alone in her bathroom, her mind spiraling with the potential risks in her future. Hands of Hope Tucson provides a peaceful environment for clients to help ease anxiety.  Each client has the opportunity to meet with a trained client advocate who can provide peer counseling and options regarding a pregnancy decision. Check out our Google Reviews!

Women can also receive a medical grade pregnancy test at their local lab or OB/GYN. The cost of a blood or urine test from these facilities may vary depending on insurance and location.  Interested in testing elsewhere? Check out our Community Referrals and Resources!

Here are a few local facilities we recommend:

No insurance? No problem.

At Hands of Hope Tucson, women can receive a pregnancy test and ultrasound at no cost. Insurance is not necessary- there will be no cost, no matter what.

If you think you may be pregnant, schedule an appointment today!

We’re here for you. No cost, no judgment, no matter what.

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