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How the arizona charitable tax credit works

You choose where your tax dollars are spent!

Key Details

You can receive this dollar-for dollar tax credit for up to:


If you're filing "Single", "Head of Household", or "Married Filing Separate"


If you are "Married Filing Jointly"

In addition, donations will qualify until April 15th of the following year!

You do NOT have to itemize deductions to claim the credit.

FIll out az forms 321 + 301

Claim the credit on your Arizona State income tax return by completing Arizona forms 321 and 301. The simple form and instructions be downloaded online or you can check with your tax preparer

donate in addition to other credits

This tax credit is in addition to the other tax credits you may already benefit from such as the School Tax Credit or the Foster Care Tax Credit.

we are a certified QCB

Hands of Hope Tucson is certified by the State of Arizona to receive contributions as a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO).

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, your gift to Hands of Hope Tucson does more than help care for those facing an unexpected pregnancy – it gives you a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit. If you are “Married Filing Jointly”, you can give up to $841 and if you are filing “Single” “Head of Household” or “Married Filing Separately” you can give up to $421.

You can owe less and help more! Your donation can be reported on your state income tax return through the Credit for Donations made to a Qualifying Charitable Organization.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to tell the government where to spend your money, and save lives in the process! 

*Please consult your tax adviser for detailed information about how this tax credit may apply to your tax situation.*

Hands of Hope Tucson’s Qualifying Charitable Organization Code is: 20318

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