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STI testing & treatment

Be Safe. Get tested.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) or sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are infections that occur through any type of sexual contact with an infected person. You can be exposed to an STI or an STD through oral, anal, or vaginal sex.  The more sexual partners you have the higher the risk you are at of getting an STI.  However, even by having only one sexual encounter with one person who carries an STI, you can still become infected. 

STI testing can be performed through urine, blood, or swab specimens.  It usually takes a few days to obtain results.  Some clinics offer Quick Testing, in which results are obtained the same day. 

STI’s can be treated with antibiotics.  During your treatment, you must abstain from any further sexual contact of any kind, until one week after your treatment is completed.  Most clinics will have you return in a month or so for another test, to make sure the infection is cured.  

If you are pregnant and considering an abortion, it is extremely important that you have STI testing before either a medical or surgical abortion.  If you have an abortion and have an untreated STI, you could develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This condition can be very painful and often leads to hospitalization for treatment.  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease may also cause scarring of tissues in the pelvic organs, especially the fallopian tubes, making it difficult to get pregnant in the future. 

Hands of Hope Tucson offers basic STI Testing and Treatment  at no cost for our pregnancy test clients who are considering abortion as an option.  We care about our client’s health and want to make sure they are free from infection prior to any type of abortion. Our STI testing includes Gonorrhea and Chlamydia only along with the pregnancy testing. If treatment is required, our clients will receive treatment at no cost at our clinic. If more extensive STI testing is needed  the client is given a referral to the Health Department or Community Clinic in the area.

At Hands of Hope Tucson, the cost for our basic STI test is FREE. 

If you are sexually active with even just one partner, yes you are at risk. The risk increases from there with multiple partners. Over 50% of sexually active people will get an STI by the time they are 25. When you have sex with someone, you aren’t just having sex with their body, but expose yourself to any germs or diseases they may have been passed from others. About 8 out of 10 women and 9 out of 10 men do not realize they have Chlamydia when they find out. Get tested today for FREE at Hands of Hope Tucson. 

Like many medical conditions, an STI can be treated properly if found early on. However, with an STI that has gone untreated, many dangerous conditions can develop, including cancer, liver damage, and infertility to mention a few. It is important to get tested if you are sexually active to avoid potentially lifelong medical complications.

The CDC states that there is only one 100% proven method to prevent the transmission of STIs and that is to refrain completely from vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse.

The CDC also states that the safest context for all sexual activity is a committed, mutual monogamous relationship with an uninfected person.

Most STI’s can be treated with antibiotics. However, there are some STI’s that can be chronic or permanent and involve much more extensive treatment. It is very important that you follow the direction of your healthcare provider and have proper follow-up to ensure treatment is completed.

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