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We understand an unplanned pregnancy may create unique challenges that can oftentimes leave women feeling unsure about what to do next. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment that advocates for and empowers women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancy. Our team of devoted professionals provides compassionate and confidential free pregnancy related services. Our pregnancy medical center is committed to providing everything necessary to make an informed choice. All of our services are free and confidential. Since 1981, clients facing unplanned pregnancies have found a safe and inviting space to think through their options and talk about their circumstances and the emotions surrounding them.
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Free Pregnancy Testing

The early signs of pregnancy can oftentimes be difficult to detect, partially because the symptoms vary by person and pregnancy. That’s why we provide free pregnancy testing administered by trained and supportive professionals. Our medical quality tests are 99% accurate and can detect pregnancy just one day after a missed period.

If needed we are able to provide a Proof of Pregnancy Verification for AHCCCS.

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Free Ultrasound

In Arizona, an ultrasound is a necessary step before having an abortion. An ultrasound will accurately determine gestation period and confirm whether you have a viable intrauterine pregnancy. This information plays a vital role in determining your options, in addition to helping you make the most informed decision about your next steps. Hands of Hope offers a free limited obstetric ultrasound for your convenience and peace of mind.
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Free Nurse Consultation

Hands of Hope Tucson has an available team of medical professionals ready to answer any medical questions you have concerning your pregnancy. If your questions are outside the scope of our practice, we will be happy to offer a physician referral.

Hands of Hope Tucson operates under the direction and supervision of a licensed medical director.
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Free Counseling & Education

Unplanned pregnancy can be an extremely emotional and confusing time for many women. We believe it’s important to provide women and couples with the emotional support they need in addition to medical support. Individuals are welcome to visit with our wonderful staff, who will provide a listening ear and helpful educational tools.

Women who choose to undergo an abortion may face emotional as well as physical side effects. That’s why we offer post-abortion counseling in addition to our other service offerings. These emotional and physical side effects can affect women immediately after an abortion or even years later. Please contact us for more information.
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