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What makes a relationship healthy?

Whether you’re with your first real girlfriend or boyfriend, just talking, or you’ve been married to your significant other for 10 years, it’s easy to feel like your relationship is just not cutting it. We are surrounded by stories and images of “perfect” relationships, yet somehow no one has given us the magic formula that produces this kind of connection.



We at Hands of Hope Tucson believe that you are worthy of a healthy, safe, and permission-driven relationship. That doesn’t always mirror what we see in movies or TV.




True love and healthy relationships can be defined and attained by a few simple things:


Take a look at the chart above and think about which type of relationship you would rather be in. Of course, we all want to be in healthy relationships. But when we feel unworthy of love, we tend to settle for something less. Not that the person is less, but how we interact with them can leave us feeling unsatisfied.

Even still, many of us find ourselves feeling like we have to use sex as a tool to get somebody to fall in love with us. 

In healthy relationships you have permission and the power to say no to sex if you don’t want to have sex. And in a healthy relationship, a partner will respect the boundaries that you set.

But how can we make that happen? The short answer: by finding the right person and putting in the effort. For more on building healthy relationships, click here.