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Post Abortion counseling & Support

in 1973

the Supreme Court legalized elective abortion in the United States

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Since then it has become fairly common practice.


Did you know?

1 in 3 women

will experience an abortion in their lifetime

While not everyone who has an abortion will have adverse effects, there are those who experience physical complications and/or unexpected emotional impact. Abortion is an issue that has become so politicized that often what falls through the cracks are those who may be struggling with a past abortion decision. You may experience emotional effects shortly afterwards or not until many years later. 

emotional effects are normal and may include



Feeling sad or depressed about the decision is very normal.



Feeling guilt or regret about the decision is also a common effect.



Feeling a sense of loss or grief can occur at any point after a past abortion.



Having difficulty getting the experience out of your mind



Feeling a need to keep the abortion a secret or believing no one will understand.



Having unpleasant dreams or nightmares about the experience.

One of the important things to know, from the beginning, is that Hands of Hope uniquely offers specialized counseling for men and women who have experienced an abortion. This is available through one-on-one, group, or couples counseling. 


When it comes to abortion experiences, Hands of Hope Tucson believes that a Christian approach to processing grief is the one that will bring lasting healing to your emotions. While all are welcome to go through counseling here for abortion experiences, we do offer faith-based perspectives during counseling as options for how to move through your grief.

If you are dealing with unexpected emotions after an abortion, you are not alone! 

Hands of Hope Tucson provides confidential and non-judgemental support to help you process through your abortion experience.

One-on-One counseling


deeper still
group Retreats

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