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My Girlfriend is Pregnant. What Do I Do?

We get it–an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming. Take a deep breath. This is an opportunity for you to help her make one of the most important decisions of her life! 

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Start the Conversation with Her

She’s likely experiencing a complicated mix of emotions. You can be a safe space for her to share what’s on her mind. To start the conversation, let her know that you’re here to support her and help her make a decision she can be confident in.

Confirm the Pregnancy

Even if she’s already taken a pregnancy test at home, it’s wise to get a second opinion. A medical-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound will rule out any false positives. Ultrasounds also determine how far along she is and whether she’s likely to miscarry. This information will inform your pregnancy options going forward! 

At Hands of Hope Tucson, we offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds! Results are 99% accurate and 100% confidential. 

Explore your Options Together 

While she’s the one who makes the final choice, she doesn’t want to make it alone. It’s important for you two to explore your pregnancy options together! Be honest about your feelings throughout the decision-making process. Your openness and reassurance will help her to make a decision you can both be confident in.

If you’re having trouble navigating the decision-making process, consider scheduling an appointment today at Hands of Hope Tucson. Our client advocates are here to help you explore all of your pregnancy options together in a non-judgmental environment!

You’ve got this. Hands of Hope is here for both of you, each step of the way! Click the button below to schedule your free appointment!