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How to Relieve Anxiety When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Do you struggle with circumstantial or chronic anxiety?

These days, so many people are struggling with their mental health. Specifically, many people in the world today are experiencing extreme levels of anxiety. It is totally normal to experience anxiety every now and then, like when you take your driver’s test for the first time, when you must give a big presentation at work, or before you have to make an important decision. However, anxiety disorders are different from circumstantial anxiety. An anxiety disorder requires a diagnosis from a doctor and may require medication and counseling. If you think you may be struggling with an anxiety disorder, you should talk to your doctor about a treatment plan that is right for you. In the meantime, here are a few tips that can help you relieve anxiety.

1. Focus on breathing.

  • Practice timed breathing- breathe in while you slowly count to five, then breathe out for the same amount of time, then try to do the same thing while slowly counting to ten.
  • Close your eyes and take five deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing- fully engage your abdomen/stomach when breathing, you should feel your belly expand when you breathe in, and feel it deflate when you breathe out.

2. Write down anxious thoughts.

  • Often, it may feel like your thoughts are swirling around in your brain, and it can be hard to make sense of what you’re thinking. Writing down these anxious thoughts out can help you to release what you are struggling with and process what you are thinking.
  • Even if you may not be feeling anxious, journaling at least once a day gives you the opportunity to describe your thoughts and emotions in a safe and confidential space.
  • Bullet journaling is a very popular habit, but the pressure to create a “pretty” journal entry may not be what you need. Whether it is on a scrap of paper or in your favorite notebook, writing down your thoughts may help you to feel more organized.

3. Focus on the present moment.

  • Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the “what if” of a situation. Instead of letting your mind wander to what could happen, take a look at what is currently happening. What do you see, smell, feel, and hear around you right now? Bringing yourself into the present moment can help you keep those anxious thoughts at bay.

4. Talk things through with someone.

  • If possible, it is always best to talk about a difficult situation with a trusted friend, family member, counselor, or mentor. These people can give you a second opinion and may perceive the situation in a way that you do not. Asking for helpful ideas and suggestions may allow you to see the situation in a totally new light.

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