COVID Policy

Last Updated 06/22/2020

The Hands of Hope Tucson shall undertake all necessary precautions to protect its clients, staff, volunteers, and guests from Coronavirus/COVID-19.


  1. The Executive Director, or designated appointee, shall be responsible for keeping updated on the impact and recommendation regarding COVID-19 pursuant to the CDC and state and local agencies and shall implement their guidance accordingly. 
  2. All non-essential personnel, staff, and volunteers shall be advised to not come to the center until further notice.  If their work can be performed from home, those arrangements shall be made, keeping in mind HIPAA requirements.
    1. Amended June 1, 2020, per Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Proclamation; Stay healthy, return smarter, return stronger signed May 20, 2020. All staff members are allowed to return to their offices within Hands of Hope Tucson facilities.
  3. All persons seeking services from Hands of Hope Tucson shall be screened as follows:
    1. In the past month, have you been in contact with someone who was confirmed or suspected to have Coronavirus/COVID-19?
    2. Do you have any of the following symptoms and/or signs, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath?
    3. Have you traveled to any place considered high risk for Coronavirus/COVID-19 in the past month?
  4. If the person answers “Yes” to any of these questions, they should be courteously advised that Hands of Hope Tucson is not equipped to screen or handle potential infectious diseases at this time. CDC recommends if they are experiencing any symptoms they should be referred to the emergency room at their local hospital for services or an agency designated to handle potential COVID-19 patients. 
  5. If the person answers “No” and is seeking essential services (i.e. services necessary to make an informed decision about pregnancy), an appointment shall be made, and the client will be re-screened and her temperature taken, with a forehead temperature device, prior to entering the center. If her temperature is 99.5F or above (100.0F if using an oral temperature device), she will be courteously advised that the center is not equipped to screen or handle potential infectious diseases at this time and they should be referred to the emergency room at the local hospital for services or an agency designated to handle potential COVID-19 patients. 
    1. Amended June 1, 2020, The above policy would pertain to anyone seeking any services at Hands of Hope Tucson.
  6. If the client is permitted to keep an appointment they may be allowed to bring one guest with them.  
    1. Amended June 22, 2020,  A guest is defined as someone that is pertinent to their care i.e. decision-making process, healing, etc. at Hands of Hope Tucson.
    2. Clients will be advised to leave children at home.  If they are not able to keep children at home, special arrangements may be made to bring the child with them.  This will be determined on a case by case basis.
    3. Each guest must agree to the same stringent screening criteria as the client with the same course of action described in 4 and 5 of this policy.
  7. A person who is a client seeking material supplies/assistance only shall NOT enter the center until further notice.  Instead, a telephone conversation with them shall determine their essential needs and a package shall be created which will be transferred to them in the parking lot of the center. 
  8. A notice shall be placed on the door to Hands of Hope Tucson detailing the current procedures. 
  9. The center shall disinfect all surfaces, doorknobs, phones, light switches, workstations, computer keyboards and mice, countertops, bathrooms, etc. on a regular basis per the centers Universal Precautions Policy and recommendations from the CDC and OSHA. A log of such disinfecting shall be kept to assure it occurs several times a day.  The disinfection will occur after every client is seen. 
    1. Hands of Hope Tucson Administration office will conduct routine sanitization as needed.
  10. Hands of Hope Tucson shall provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60-90% alcohol in the reception area and in at least one other area in the center frequented by people. 
  11. Any staff/volunteers with possible exposure to the coronavirus through identified contacts or travel shall notify their supervisor immediately, and before reporting to work.  Quarantine will be done according to directives from the CDC and the state and local authorities. 
  12. All staff/volunteers at Hands of Hope Tucson shall be screened with forehead temperature prior to beginning work shift.  Those with a forehead temperature of 99.5F (100.0F oral) shall be asked to return home and seek appropriate medical attention.
  13. All classes and meetings are suspended until such time as public gatherings are determined to be safe by the CDC and/or state and local authorities. 
  14. Social distancing of at least 6 feet shall be maintained between clients in the waiting area. 
  15. Pursuant to Pima County countywide public health protection resolution on June 19, 2020, requiring every person within the jurisdiction of Pima County ages 5 years and older will be required to cover his or her nose and mouth with a face covering.  
    1. Hands of Hope Tucson will require all staff, volunteers, clients, guests and vendors who enter the premises to adhere by this order. 
    2. Face coverings are required at the front desk and in the lobby area at all times.
    3. Face coverings are required in person by all parties anytime a staff or volunteer member of Hands of Hope Tucson is meeting with a client for any purpose.
    4. Masks are not required if social distancing of 6 feet or more can be maintained.  

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